River Trip Stats:

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 7.22.53 PM

  1. Freight Canoe Lyra traveled 800 miles on the Tanana, the Yukon and the Chandalar.
  2. Daazhraii, Geoff and I spent 26 days on the water and ran the engine for over 100 hours.
  3. Our fastest speed was 15 mph, and our slowest was 2 mph.
  4. We navigated class II rapids, carried, at most, 45 gallons of gas, and climbed 1500 feet in elevation, mostly in the last hundred miles.
  5. On Wednesday, I shot 2 different guns and cut down 1 tree.
  6. School starts in 2 days. We made it just in time.

When my computer arrives (it is currently stuck in Fort Yukon) I will post my journal entries and pictures from the Chandalar.

4 thoughts on “River Trip Stats:

    • I got some up, just for you!

      I kept thinking about Jean Aspen while we were doing the leg from Fort Yukon up the main stem of the Chandalar. When I was reading her book in Arkansas, it never crossed my mind that I’d travel that same stretch of river by motorized canoe.

      I thought of YOU every time I saw itty bitty bear tracks. I love their toes.

  1. 🙂
    Isn’t it funny how small the North is; how easily you cross paths with other people who have gone before you. Did you make it close to where they built their cabin?
    That’s cool the bear cub tracks made you think of me/the rehab bears. They do have cute toes 🙂 I am totally in love with bear facial expressions now … they have super mobile lips and can make the most expressive faces. Unfortunately that’s only visible from very close quarters.

    • I think I’ll take a pass on bear facial expressions…
      We didn’t make it close to their cabin site. I think they were in the middle fork, and we took the East, so we only got to follow their footsteps for a little while. Maybe another summer, when it’s time to take the boat downriver. I’d like to see more Chandalar country.

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