A ctenophore the size of the sky just reached out of the stars and swallowed this planet I’m standing on! I’ve never seen purple in the aurora, or a whole sky of pale pink. I stretched my arms out and looked up, and from fingertip to fingertip, all I could see was frothing, billowing curtains of northern lights. My crappy pictures don’t begin to do it justice, but maybe they can feed your imagination a little. DSC03913 DSC03914 DSC03912This was one of the most magical things I have ever seen. This rivals the Cataloochee fireflies and the dolphins making comets of themselves in the bioluminescent indian ocean. Nights like this swell my heart, blow the top off my imagination, and make my ribs resonate with the blast like a pipe organ.

7 thoughts on “10/7

  1. We saw them too last night, weren’t they amazing! Green-purple strobe lights that swirled and spintered into pieces right above our cabin. Cross-border aurora watching 🙂

    • YESSSS! They’re supposed to get even better for the next few days (if the geophysical folks can be believed). I want to figure out some kind of very warm little nest to sleep out in so that I can watch the sky all night long.

      • I had the same thought 🙂 A foamie and sleeping bag are great, also for watching meteor showers. Unfortunately we’re back to cloudy skies and rain now. Hope it stays clear for you!

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