Fall in the Air

DSC03813Snowfall, that is. (hardyhar)

I gasped out loud when I opened my blinds this morning and saw this. I was hoping for a blue sky and a golden fall day after yesterday’s rain. I wasn’t expecting this.

It happened so fast. Last night I was standing out on the playground at midnight, watching the aurora in a hoodie. Eight hours later, there’s snow on the slide. I’m going out for a long walk today, for sure. I want to see new snow on the riverbank.

In other news, project Arctic Salad is coming along nicely. My microgreens are thriving in the front closet. I started them last weekend, and this weekend they’re thick and juicy. I nibbled a little yesterday and went into an ecstatic, drooling, vegetable-induced dance. Behold, one week’s growth!

DSC03744 DSC03809

I need to order some worms so that I can get a little compost bin going in the closet. It’d be awesome to have a salad plot that doesn’t require much by mail-order.

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