Isn't it?

Isn’t it?

Guys, I have a real mailing address! If you want to send me a teakettle or a toilet brush or chocolate chips or a postcard, please address it to
P.O. Box 81153
Venetie, Alaska

If you do send me a postcard, please write all the dirty jokes in morse code.

One of my kids told me yesterday that brown bear tracks have been spotted down the bank. “It won’t come up here though,” she told me, “It’ll stay down by the river.”

2 thoughts on “Luminous

    • It really is! The teacher housing is a building designed by these cold climate housing research dudes. The building is brand new and one of a kind because they combined some high tech insulation and ventilation stuff with log construction. I get to live in one of the three buildings in town with running water, and it’s spacious and cozy and conveniently located next door to the school. Running water and a flush toilet weren’t a dealbreaker for me, but I’m not disappointed with the way things worked out. 😀

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