Building a Blanket Fort

I was offered a job today, one that I really want.
It’s a secondary teaching job in Venetie, Alaska, a village above the arctic circle in the Yukon Flats.
I am frightened of bears and of bush planes and of seventy degrees below zero.
I’ll be going alone and I’m terrified of that.

DSC01356Over Thanksgiving, I built a blanket fort with some friends. While everyone else was asleep, we reshaped the world. We took the furnishings of sleep and stayed awake to hang them over our heads, pinning this fabric of an improbable, inverted landscape to the ledges with makeshift fasteners and friction and gravity. We whispered our giggles and slept in absurd contortions, grinning.

DSC01347My greatest fear is of going to bed early, of giving up on things before I’ve even begun. I’m accepting the job offer.
Everything comfortable in my life is going to turn upside down.
Maybe my glee is childish, but I’m exhilarated: I’m remaking my life into an adventure again.
Wish me luck.

4 thoughts on “Building a Blanket Fort

  1. Congratulations! The move to Alaska IS exhilarating and scary all at once! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out! The biggest lesson that I’ve learned since moving to rural Alaska is that there are good days and bad days- but that is just like anywhere else. You are going to have a great adventure! And don’t worry too much about Bush Planes- they are small, but I think they just feel like air taxis- you get used to them really quick, especially if you want to go anywhere 🙂

  2. Wow, AWESOME!!!
    You’ll have an absolutely amazing time! Northern lights, stunning landscape, interesting people and animals, wild stories :))) Bush planes are fine; bears just want to be left alone; mukluks are the warmest winter foot wear; and you’ll know everybody in the village and make friends within no time 🙂
    Feel free to get in touch any time – and watch out, life up north is totally addicting!

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