Mother of Chickens!

When we came home, I reluctantly hauled my tired self out back to check for eggs. When I peeked under Freckles, to make sure all her eggs were still whole, they weren’t! This is what I saw:IMG_1745

I hollered for Sean, and he came running to see them. The yellow chick is already dry, while the striped chick is still damp. They’re unspeakably precious! Hopefully they are all Cappy’s babies. The last thing we need is some little Spot-spawn, since we’re hoping for a few more layers or at least some edible-sized roosters.
We have to figure out some hen-and-chick-friendly digs for them while they’re small. Some folks recommend moving them indoors for a few weeks, but I’d like to have Freckles do the heavy work of motherhood this time. Right now she’s in a nest box several feet off the floor, so the chicks will need to be moved to somewhere less clifflike and more spacious so that we can fit little containers of food and water. Our chicken house floods when it rains, so a box on the damp floor might be unsuitable for the little birds. Any thoughts? We’ll have to figure something out for them in the morning. Note to self: plan ahead next time. IMG_1746

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