Hogging Up the Road on my C-C-C-C-Carro

This is today’s theme song.

This is today’s theme song because, after school today, we rode at a crawling 25 mph to Forrest City from Palestine with our flashers on. Our Nissan is having clutch issues, so we had to start it in second and crawl down to the shop.  We felt like a tractor. This song has already made the cut for Now That’s What Sean and Keely Call Country 2 because of its puns and its perfect accuracy. It is 100% true to life here.

The clutch crapped out at rush hour (7:45) at The Intersection in Palestine, right across the street from the school. Embarrassment! Mortification! Some students pushed me into the parking lot, an undertaking which stopped traffic for a time. EVERYONE knew I was having car trouble. Now, to be fair. having car trouble at school is almost fun. My students aren’t much for academics, but they’re great mechanics. A lot of them take diesel mechanic classes at the community college. Every third dude has a dad who’s got a shop. Over the course of the day, I probably had six or seven kids look at my car, and I learned something new each time. It’s fun for everyone when students get to teach their teacher something.

Once I was safely (late) at school, the network was down, so I had no way of printing my worksheets or of contacting Sean (nobody answered the phone at his school). I started first period with a total blank, but I came up with a kickass flow chart for quadratics and I think I successfully taught the quadratic formula. In any case, my kids were working a pretty advanced open response question like BAMFs (as Simmons might say).

When we got back to school from the shop in Forrest City (owned by C’s dad!), some kids were riding horses on the campus. No joke. I wish I’d snapped a photo. It was a perfect afternoon for it, and they looked so happy, grinning those big grins from way up there.

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