I came this close to eating a ladybug just now, thinking it was a stray candy. I noticed just in time to avoid putting it in my mouth. Misery averted! Those things taste terrible.

Lately, whenever I think the word nerd, I hear it in J’s voice. J is a student I taught last year, and at least once a week he comes up to me while I’m reading on lunch duty and comments, “You still reading that book? Reading’s for nerds.” or “What did I tell you about reading?” He’s one of those kids who doesn’t realize he’s going to be smart for the rest of his life and had better get used to it.

I finished A Thousand Splendid Suns today. I’m surprised I didn’t have nightmares last night. It was beautifully written and tragic and hopeful and gut-wrenching and it made me angry at everything and then it made me understand, which made it worse. I didn’t tell C about this one. C is the student I’m closest with: we spend a class period one-on-one each day, usually on geometry, but sometimes on life. I’ve been reading a lot of Alaska memoirs, and he loves to hear about the danger of ice and cold, hunting for moose, and building log cabins. He’s not a big reader, but he’s a great thinker, and I value his perspective. Usually I like to chat about my books with him, but I couldn’t even start that conversation today.

I’m bringing The Great Gatsby to school tomorrow for a student. He came by after school to ask for it, and I had the good sense to marker it onto my arm. He laughed at me, but I know how scattered I can be after school. Another student has my paperback copy of A Game of Thrones and has been spinning theories about Jon Snow’s real parents to me between classes. Sometimes, I really love my job.

Speaking of nerds, check out the photo below: just a typical Sunday night at the homestead. Alyssa came over last night and did work with us. She’s up on the futon, snuggled among her papers with the kitties. Sean’s computer is on the dining room table, and I made a little office nest for myself on the floor. Work work work foreeeever.


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