Ice Lightning

Our house totally just got struck by lightning. There was a flash of light and a crack in the kitchen, and then a shock of thunder that rattled the glass in the windows.  That is not cool at all. The power’s still on and hopefully it will stay that way.

We went to town for a while to coldproof the plant babies in the greenhouse at Lee and to do laundry at our friends’ house (our washer froze solid a week or two ago, then busted). On the way home, we dodged downed limbs and listened to the rattle of sleet falling on the roof of the car. There was a message on the machine when we came in: no school tomorrow. I did a kitchen dance.

Today has been all about getting ready for the storm. I put on my mud shoes this morning and made sure the chickens had plenty of food and water, then turned on the lamp in the coop. I cut daffodils from the woods and brought them in so that we can enjoy them a little longer. After warming up for a while, Sean and I went out together into the nearly-freezing rain and covered a row of our garden with a sheet of plastic to help keep the fragile baby greens alive. Hopefully the wind won’t tear the cover right off like it has in the past.


In the greenhouse at school, Sean and his students have planted flats of flowers and veggies for spring gardens. Last cold snap the soil froze solid, and, though the plants survived, we decided to take steps to prevent it from happening again. We used some sheets of styrofoam and constructed a sort of insulated box on the ground for the flats. We had boiled a quart of water and wrapped it in a jacket to keep the heat in, and this we tucked into the insulated box to help moderate the temperature.

Waiting on laundry at the Brohouse

I’m ready for spring, but I love storms, and I’m looking forward to having a day off to walk in the ice-chandeliers of our woods.

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