Ashy Knees

When my students are ashy, it is practically a life or death emergency. I don’t know if this is specific to the Delta, or it is a cultural issue that I had never experienced before, but it often is a problem in class. Students will pull out lotion when they should be doing a number of other things. When reprimanded, they respond with the common sense defense that they are ashy, and typically, a whole gaggle of students will chime in to communicate the severity of this situation. I’m occasionally asked, “Do white people get ashy?” because it is obvious that I don’t understand, and they are genuinely curious. This weekend, I discovered conclusive evidence sitting there in the passenger seat. Behold, Keely’s Ashy Knees. Now I have photographic evidence that I can use when the issue comes up again. This time, I will be disrupting class because somebody is ashy, and I bet it will be hilarious. “She gonna kill you when she find out you showing us picture of her ashy legs.” “Mr. P gonna be in that DAWG house.”IMG_1402

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